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貨幣匯率的波動和相對其他資產的價格走勢取決於國家、行業、跨國公司的經濟和政治事件。政治、經濟和金融新聞直接影響價格走勢。 因此跟蹤宏觀經濟報告會有助於外匯和CFD市場的交易。


S&P 500 and Dow exited correction territory last week against the background of rebounding global markets buoyed by Fed chair Powell’s comments the Federal Reserve has the ability to be patient on monetary policy. The S&P 500 rebounded 2.5% while the ICE US dollar index lost 0.5%.

All five major stock indexes ended sharply higher. Nikkei and Heng Sang led the gains: they rallied 4.1%. Out of six major currency pairs only the euro and Swiss franc reversed previous week’s dynamics against the...


Fed chair Powell’s dovish comments and optimism US-China trade talks, which start today in Beijing, will help resolve differences between world’s two largest economies supported global equity markets in the first week of 2019. Powell’s comment “wouldn't hesitate to change if Fed came to conclusion balance sheet was problem” signaled the central...


The Federal Reserve statement, after the central bank raised the federal funds rate a quarter point for the fourth time this year, was deemed not dovish enough by markets as the Fed projected 2 rate hikes in 2019, down from 3 seen earlier. The SP 500 sank 7.1% and the ICE US dollar index fell 0.5%.

All major stock indexes ended sharply lower. Nasdaq...


Uncertainty about the outcome of reopened US-China trade negotiations weighed on global equities last week despite reports China is prepared to allow foreign corporations greater access to the Chinese market. US stock market extended losses: The SP 500 fell 1.2% led by health care shares while the ICE US dollar index gained 0.1%.

London’s FTSE 100...


Dovish comments by Federal Reserve chair Powell and hopes for strong sales in the post-Thanksgiving holiday season lifted US equities last week. US stock market recouped previous week’s losses as Powell’s statement the interest rate is now “just below” neutral rate was interpreted as a signal the central bank may slow the pace of rate hikes...